It is quite hard to just simply describe one self in text without actually knowing that person in real. However, I will try not to over write this description about I as we go along. I am Evan Kristine and I am originally from the Pearl of the Orient in the tropics of an island called Philippines. I moved to Finland while I was on the verge of becoming a lady to study Culinary Arts and stayed here for good after landing a sweet job. Yes, I am a chef by profession but I always say that I am an artist by heart. I always dreamt of becoming a professional artist, a painter, an expressionist... it will always be just a dream for now but that, however, does not stop me from making art. I will always love making art. It is my craft, it is my escape from reality. Always. In. My. Heart. I paint, for you to know. Painting is the way I express and the way I escape.

Traveling on the other hand is my drug. It is hard to tell when it started but all I know is that I always wanted to have an adventure. A great one. To have an adventure most probably is the fuel which started my exploration in this pretty, wild world. Other than that I also enjoy observing different kinds of culture, arts, history and cuisine. I enjoy every wonderful things this world have to offer, technically. I truly am grateful to have the chance to share this wonderful things to you, too. I certainly do my best to tell tales about my adventures though please do not mistake my blog as a travel blog which can tell you some tips. I am no teacher and I am not a good tip adviser either but I might mention a few tips or so as I write along. I am really more of a story teller. I like to be that. Therefore, this can also serve as a compilation of memories for myself to read in the future. You know, so I can be embarrassed and all. Read the shit I did and laugh it off.

Anyways, I am no perfect human so I have tons of flaws. Expect to read that too. I am honest about my emotions and I like writing about them and read it later on to see how I survived those dark days. Sometimes I revisit them to feel alive. Live. That's what I do best.

Also, photo documentation is by the way my other form of saying "I'll photo bomb you of photo's I randomly took." Yeah, I'll do that to you. I'll photo bomb you. All smiles because I'll leave the rest of myself to your imagination as you read the rest of my blog. I am a nice person don't worry. No shit really, I am. Seriously! :)


I am bad at writing descriptions. But I can tell you know that already.

All photo's in my blog are mine unless stated so please put your shit together and do not steal it. I can't afford a lawyer to sue you so please be human, be nice and simply don't take it, alright brother? Gracias.