Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hello Internet and the blog, it has been too long. One year? More? Okay. I apologize, forgive me. To be really honest, I am not exactly been busy, just really lazy and have nothing to say. Besides, last year was not much of a journey to begin with (for real) and it is really effing ridiculous to write about boring stuff. See? You're probably yawning already. It has been really a year mostly spent at work and drinking alcohol and doing stupid things like getting drunk, sleep deprivation and working with a hangover (possibly still drunk) the next morning while expecting a restaurant full of paying customers. I've been bad. Naughty even. Whoopsies.

Maybe one day I decide to bore you to death and write my story about last year's shenanigans. Perhaps. But, I have a little glitch that this year, I will have better stories to tell since it started with a sweet harmony which I wish to blossom into an awesome chorus and ends with a beautiful symphony. Just like two years ago, I think this is my year of great tales. To start, I am taking a break from fine dining restaurants and instead concentrate my time on more creativity like my painting and as well reading and writing. At the moment I've been quite keen on pastries and home baking, it is my thing at the moment. I am not exactly saying farewell from the butt-busting world of fine cooking-- that sometimes comes with heavy drinking and evil habits, which I enjoyed at some point. Instead, I decided to widen my views on other areas. I thought for a moment that I was living the life and that working ten or more hours a day busting my ass in the kitchen would make me a some sort of a martyr hero but things has changed however and my priorities were altered, I decided that life is more than just training endless hours to be the next Heston Blumenthal (which I am so sure I wont be anyway). I am no badass as I come to realisation, I could be different and same at the same time. I've learnt a lot of lessons working in the kitchen, I learnt to be tough and not to let people push me down… But I also picked up few things that maybe I should start getting rid of. Anyway, things changed and I am willing to continue this for a bit longer. I am fine now, I feel great and I do think that things are working out for me. 

I wish to write in this blog more, I want to write about my journey and tell more tales about the world. I intend to make things better and talk about things that matter. 

Wish me the best. Hopefully I can deliver amazing stories in the future!

I am not an alcoholic. Just a person who enjoys a good drink with the best company ;)

Seriously, I don't do evil stuff. I am so adorbs.

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