Wednesday, 25 March 2015

PHOTO DIARY: Siem Reap, Cambodia.



It is breathtaking, I know.



Fun fact: Tomb Raider was filmed here, but I guess everyone knows that.




A young monk paving his way at Angkor Wat.



Siem Reap, Cambodia. Circa 2013. 

Here are some photo's I took while I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia about two years ago. It is a shame that I didn't record my experiences while I was there, the memories aren't so fresh anymore. A mistake to learn from therefore from now own, I will for surely take notes of anything and everything that interests me for future reminders. Otherwise, the trip was amazing itself (as I remember well). 
We arrived at Siem Reap via Thai border on a rather easy six hours journey by land, despite one girl puking besides me, the journey was otherwise rather smooth. As I remember, it was quite hot when I was there (around February) and I was still recovering from food poisoning in Bangkok, I am still surprised I lasted the whole trip to be honest!

The view obviously was breathtaking and I was astonished to see the very famous sunrise at Angkor Wat. But what truly got my attention was the locals, they are hard working people and perhaps some of them are quite persuasive on selling their products to tourists– but seriously, someone gotta make a living, right? Other than all that, I've noticed that some of them have so beautiful eyes. Unfortunately I do not have any records of that, but I can clearly remember this one lady who sold me one book and she was very talkative and full of energy, she had this really beautiful greenish brown eyes. 
She told me that she learned how to speak English by talking to tourists and that she has never been in school. It is sad and great at the same time. The experience people have to go through sure does teaches us a thing or two. So let us count our blessings. 

Oh and of course, our Tuk Tuk driver, he is unforgettable! He drove us everywhere we want and as well arranged our ride back to the border! Until now I still don't think he over charged us, we were charged fairly and for his services I even think we could have given him more. Well, we gave him all our change and extra dollars since we don't need them anymore after the trip. It wasn't much… but what is much, anyways? To some people little is a lot. 

What made this trip even better was that I was with my friends, an amazing trip with amazing company? That is an adventure. I love it.

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