Sunday, 22 March 2015

LIFE: Changes

(A beautiful view of the Helsinki Cathedral at Senaatintori. Helsinki, Finland)

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To start with, I have to say that there would be a lot of things that will happen this year which I truly hope will go as I imagine it will be. When I first moved out of home, let alone my home country, things has changed drastically. Sure, I was young when I left and was so enthusiastic for changes that actually came as an advantage than anything else. Moving to Finland was my first great journey and so far it is going very well, I love it here and it is home. Finland is so close to my heart that it became a part of me and I became a part of it. What usually happens to a situation when two things become one? It is hard to separate it. And that is what I feel right now. In few months I am going to join my beau, to what will hopefully be, an amazing journey. I am not afraid to say a temporary farewell to this dear country because I can surely promise my return but, will she accept me once my return comes to say hello again? I don't know. I know there are tons of possibilities for me out there and I just need to be brave to find it and conquer it. I really do not know when I started to be such a pussy for new adventures. I know I love thrills and heart stopping events and such shenanigans. I was cool (seriously). I suppose that's what being comfortable does to you. You become afraid to changes. So, as a conclusion to solve this certain event to become uncertain, I call for a drastic out-of-my-mind changes: I am moving to a new country, so different from here that perhaps for the first time in my life I'd feel so culture shock I'd be so effing excited I'll probably find directions to wrong locations where I will have a blast and have the best time of my life! Well, so far that is the plan. Get lost in this pretty, wild world of ours. So, let the journey begins and hope it will never end! Life is short as I always say, so why not try a drug or two.

Well, I was not being literal about the drug (but who cares?). Anyways, I am planning to do a little bit of short visits here and there before settling down to yet another foreign land, unknown to my own peculiar sight. That is why I am busting my ass off at work to save enough money so I could actually afford that! I feel so ground zero again. I haven't been out of the country (except the frequent visit to Tallinn) properly for two years. Last time I was backpacking Europe and SEA for just three months. What do I know, right? I feel a bit envious about being out there in the wild but at the same time I feel so excited for all the new thrills and joy I'll experience. Of course I don't expect all of it to be rainbows and unicorns, but it doesn't hurt to be positive about it. I feel so full of life at the moment, the idea of travelling again gives meaning to my living because this means I'll spend less time figuring out what I should do and having more time doing what I should have been doing. Fantastic! I love this positive thought! Oh by the way, the beau's name is Silver, he's amazing. He'll be with me in this journey so you guys will read a lot about him along the way.

Our first stop on this amazing journey, Malta. This one is more on for pleasure than anything else but this year (and all years after this) is dedicated to adventures, self-realisation and new experiences.

Peace out! I still have to deal with all the shit that comes with 'moving' on the next few months. Besides, who needs all this crap when all you need is a backpack, a sketch pad and a portable watercolour set? I am in a little fantasy here as well to draw and paint awesome ideas. Why not?


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