Monday, 17 February 2014


A little too late to write about the holidays but what the heck, I'll write about it anyway! You see, I do believe in the saying 'better late than never', which I sometimes live up to. Or so I believe. Anyway, I spent my christmas holiday in Tallinn. I met his family and his friends, and so on. It was really a wonderful time despite the fact I refused to celebrate religious holidays like christmas because I thought it is unnecessary… Pessimist much? No. I refused to celebrate it because I have other better things to do during that spare time, for instance to travel. A lot of money is usually involved in holidays like that and money is absolutely something I just don't spend on gifts therefore people can just shove it on one corner and forget about it. I am truly not a gift giver. I rather pay for your dinner, at least I know you enjoy it. But this is me, you are you and we are totally different. I blame no one. 

Back on the holidays, I spent it with his family like what I aforementioned and at the same time we also spent quite a time hanging around this beautiful town pigging out on pretty much anything we can afford. I love spending money whenever I am in Tallinn because it is cheap and usually good. We planned at one point to indulge and eat something amazing which would blow your mind, at one fine dining restaurant located in the heart of old town in Tallinn. Very cozy, very calm, very romantic… Yes, there's a but. But, we were so damn hangover that we settled for something even more amazing (especially if you're having a good hangover), grease food! I seriously won't go and eat a platter (or two) of that beer food without a good hangover unless you're a total grease lover! It was a monster plate for four consisting of many different deep fried food you can ever imagine. It was heavenly at that time, truly. I was a pig craving for food at that time. I felt disgusting but didn't care because I was so hangover all I can thing of is fried food. All fried food…. and a good pint of beer. Problem solved, both are happy. Tummies are jolly happy. Damn good day I must say. Well, hence the hangover. 

So yeah, our holiday was pretty much something I won't tell a Vegan about unless I want them to hate me for life. It was a total fat ass moment but I regret nothing! It was fun and I enjoyed and I must say, christmas ain't bad after all. I still don't see myself exclusively celebrating christmas but since I only refuse it because of its religious meanings, I do see myself coming back to that time last year for the food. Also, Estonians are without religion; I know they only celebrate christmas out of fun and family gathering, which sounds a lot better than fooling myself believing it is a mighty day.

New year's wasn't bad either, we went to my friend's place and indulge on more food, drank alcohol, saw the fireworks and sealed the year with happy endings. No hangover the next day, good start of the year I suppose! All I am just asking for this year is nothing but good health and great moment. I am not going to plan so much goals to achieve this year, and this 2014 I will stay in low-profile. Taking it easy and no stress at all. Laidback so they say. That is the plan so far and I suppose it is going quite alright! 

Before I end this post, here's the photo of the grease food I mentioned above.

I told ya, everything went to the deep fryer. Exactly like how we wanted.

Great day y'all!

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