Friday, 14 February 2014


Alright, I have to admit I have not been the most productive lately. I have no excuse for it either other than I have been truly lazy and there's absolutely no great moment happening in my life lately. Other than all of these, I had a major transition in my life which happened late October of last year. I'll brief you not in details since it really did happen super fast and neither I can remember its full details. 

So, lets go back to July of last year when I asked for a lovely weekend off with my girlfriends to visit Tallinn, Estonia for the nth time. I was working in a lovely summer restaurant in Vaasa, a very beautiful old villa by the sea. I have no other things to say but greatness towards this workplace, it is as well run by the same company I was working for, Gustav Wasa; a fine dining place located at the heart of Vaasa, my ultimate dream job. Yes, I was working for these places. I was doing the job I always dreamt of. Fine dining place, great people to work with, its a family. The whole place is a family. But as they say, even in greatness you'll find a moment when you feel so defeated. During that time I have loads of things running in my head, future plannings and other activities to be done. By the looks of what I used to have, I did had everything under control and I truly had everything I needed. I was happy but not contented. I wanted something but I don't know what it is. There is where it all started. I started to question my needs and my wants and there is when I decided to alter my plans and decided to leave. It all started in Tallinn, the change of heart. There is when I realised, I am not ready to settle in one place.  To be fair, it was not a very easy change but since I am so used to having a 'change' it didn't took me a long time to properly hang on to it. Why so sudden? Impulsiveness is something I never tried and it felt like it was the right time to finally do it. I was full of regret in the beginning but the heck, I shoved it off and decided to enjoy what I have in front of me. There's no time for regret, I am so young that I will just waste my time beating myself up over something which is already done. In every turn, there's always something to learn.

Ok, in conclusion, what was the major transition? I moved back to Helsinki. I am back here, in this city. But a lot of things has changed now and by a lot I meant, a lot. I am not going to bore you with the details but I can promise one thing though, I think I will start updating this blog more often. I really do miss writing and expressing my feelings through words. And you must be wondering what I am up to now? Well nothing much; painting, learning and living life as usual. The usual. :)

Have fun y'all! Have a great weekend ahead of you.


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