Tuesday, 19 March 2013

TRAVEL: Ghent, Belgium


The city of Ghent.

We stumbled upon the city of Ghent in Belgium by accident due to the fact that nearly all hostels in Brussels were pretty occupied after the new year. We were given a choice of either staying at an expensive hostel (hotel even) or travel a bit farther to the outskirts of Brussels for a cheaper alternative. We obviously chose the latter due to the obvious and besides, who doesn't like an extra adventure? That specific extra adventure in fact became the highlight of our trip. We were desperate to find a place to stay a night at before we meet our Couch Surfer host in Brussels the day after and boy we were ecstatic when we finally scored a rather cheap bunk just before we arrive. I barely can remember the trip going there because we were so hangover and stinking tired from the new years eve party we attended to in Paris the night before therefore we literally passed out the moment we got in the train from Paris to Brussels and my friend pretty much lead the way because for some questionable reason, I really can't remember how I got in Brussels in the first place. All I remember was me sitting on the couch starring at my friend take a nap for some awkward reason, still pissed like hell because I was the reason why he didn't get the chance to fulfill his dream to take marvelous photo's of the eiffel tower during the fire works after the new year's countdown. Me and my alcohol sometimes gives burden to others, I hope he forgave me already. Really. Anyways, I somewhat remember the train ride from Brussels to Ghent but to be fair, that was really sketchy too. I only remembered it because first, we were sitting on the first class whereas we were suppose to be sitting on the-- of course-- poor class, hence our little scene along with the conductor who politely threw us out of the first class was concluded. Second, we missed the train stop and ended in Bruges (a must visit city too as we were informed) because he thought I was on the look out while the reality was that I rested my eyes for a while... Alright, I passed out for the second time and I am not proud of it. Apparently he thought I am more aware of our surroundings. Unfortunately for him, I was a tourist too like him. Besides it was never clear who was the real lookout. 


After all the little struggles we finally arrived in Ghent and was immediately stunned at how gorgeous it is! It was like seeing Europe for the very first time once again but the feeling was even better. It was like a dream and I never wanted to wake up. The buildings are pretty old and the people are really nice. I also like how they somewhat kept the authenticity of the buildings and how 'Ghent' it is. It is hard to describe the feeling while we were there because I have this feeling towards that city, a feeling so hard to explain. I fell in love with the city of Ghent. There. It just have this very artsy, romantic and scenic view which you can look for hours and never get bored of doing it. It is just simply too photogenic. Ghent is also a student city which means fine universities surrounded the city therefore during school season, the city can be pretty lively during weekends. Because yah know, students like to study hard but party harder. Or so they say. Anyways, you can judge the city from my photos or even better visit there yourselves then perhaps you can understand what I was trying to point out about how gorgeous it can be.


The city was pretty dead when we arrived because it was the first day of 2013 and everyone's basically tired from all the parting. We can attest to that dutifully as we strived our way to the hostel and understood the emptiness of the city pretty well. In this city I also discover the majestic world of Lomography and boy I was hooked! Thanks to my buddy and to that dude at the camera shop who sold me a Diana. I was sold! Film cameras should certainly be back in the mainstream market! The thrill I got from not knowing what kind of shots I will get is just too nerve wracking but in a good way. Ghent was simply the perfect place to test my shots because of its beauty, you'll never go wrong.

The dude who sold me my Diana. He became 80€ richer because of me.



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