Friday, 22 March 2013


Part of Helsinki from view top.

This time last year I was still living in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland working as Chef in a casual restaurant and living in a nice shared flat just about in the heart of it-- an extremely young, wild and laid-back part of the city. I thought I was living the life and I thought that the city girl in me would live forever. I was completely wrong. I was living the life, sure, but I was always tired, always angry and always on the verge of exploding like a bomb. The city life was too overwhelming for a young person like me. It was too much to take and too much to live. However, a month from now embarks my anniversary living away from that city because last May was the toughest time of my life because that was the time when I needed to decide whether I should take this job I have now which was being offered to me then. Looking at the obvious, I moved out from Helsinki after living there for two years and moved back in this small town up north to the western side of Finland called Vaasa. Now, my view is so serene, surrounded by nature and I am always happy regardless of what kind of troubles I have in hand. Simple life do you good. As of lately, I have good future plans, a steady job, a growing savings account, making art, doing what I do best and exploring. Decision making is tough but with a lot of consideration and the unavoidable heart breaking resolution, in the end you'll anyways do what you have to do: choose.


The ocean view from the district of Ullanlinna, part of Helsinki. Quite close to where I used to live.

I did not want to leave Helsinki then, I loved Helsinki and I believed I belonged there and I have no reasons to leave it. But the city itself was defeating me and I was only twenty-one years old, a young Chef and so innocent. I was too fragile and I need to grow more as a person, to figure out what I want in life and to reason out myself a bit more. Upon moving back I was like a drug addict on rehab, that was an awful time but I know it was for the best. Presently, some part of me is well planned out while the rest I leave on destiny. I am certainly aware of the things I want in my life now and the biggest part of it is to live as simple as possible. Because simple life rules.

I've been asked if there would still be a chance I would like to move back to Helsinki and my answer is that yes, I think about doing it again everyday. But I truly hope I would not. Not because I don't want to live there again but because it is not good for my bank account. Helsinki is, note this, an extremely expensive city. Not good for those who have expensive hobbies like I. Saving is a priority for now.



  1. That's such a bold move! Yes, the big city can sometimes suck the life out of us and we try to find refuge somewhere that's surrounded by greenery. Helsinki can wait, 'til whenever you're ready :)

  2. Sounds good. I also feel the calming effect in Vaasa. It´s a town where you can eat sushi but then again it´s just enough rural....;)