Friday, 8 March 2013

THOUGHT: Are you sentimental? Because I am. Ridiculously super.

Travel photos 2013

All smiles in Dubai during my three month trip. And a sour memory of the sunglasses.

Alright, so when we were in Bangkok and we once encountered a taxi driver who insisted on not putting the damn meter on. It was the hottest day we needed to endure, we were certainly sweating like a pig in a slaughter house and I was having stomach cramps from all the vomiting, thanks to my stomach's sensitivity, and these are by the way just some of the nastiest combination someone can ever possibly experience. Therefore, arguing was definitely the last thing we have in mind at that moment and so we agreed on a price and we just damned hope we will get home in one piece without a scratch. I fell asleep in the back seat and so did my friend while his beau sorta had no other choice but to be the look out as we snoozed away before we all know it. As a smart person anyone can be, no one will actually ever try to sleep in a taxi however tired they might be. But to save you the benefit of having thoughts: Yes, we probably aren't exactly on our smartest pants that day but unfortunately the otherwise. Anyways, I had food poisoning! (...Aaaaand the idiot reason's out.) 
So forgive me, and don't do the same stupidity! Or I'll be very furious. Super. Not. Kidding. Here. I am still mad at my self to this day on how I handled that moment. That moment meant to be a signal for caution you all. Learn from me. Though granted nothing bad happened to us it is still better not to do stupid things as such. Anyways, moving on! My friend's beau witnessed the entire thing while I was in the back seat dreaming about flying Pad Thai's which resembled heaven; and he told us at how he feared for our lives as he saw the driver snort 'something'. I'll leave that 'something' to your imagination. I am not sure what that 'something' might be either. I can't think of the worst because we anyways managed to get home without a scratch. However, I will not forget that moment as we shared the bill to pay the snort-y taxi driver who spoke nothing else but paying him 2000baht to be our personal driver from Bangkok to Ayutthaya towards the Cambodian border-- Okay, pause, we aren't exactly that stupid to agree so we blatantly refuse over and over again until he dropped the fudging subject.-- That moment is in fact the exact second I carefully took my sunglasses aside to see better, handed the bill and stumbled out of the taxi door. That was the last time I held my sunglasses. It was the time I forgot the poor thing and left and never laid eyes on again. If only I can check every taxi in Bangkok at that moment in search for my 10€ worth sunglasses, I would. I seriously would. I was so sad I even wrote a ridiculous Facebook status about it which terrified a friend of mine and commented pointing out, "Look at what you wrote! Look!" and that dear friends was history as that post has been deleted. You might be wondering why that specific sunglasses seems so special to me.. Well, my reason isn't grand but the fact that I barely buy myself some things might sum up to the fact that the poor thing was a good buy. I may look materialistic to some with all the gadgets and electronics I have but to tell you the truth, everything I buy with my own hard earned money are treated with care. Everything people give me are treated with care. I am very, very sentimental. Granted, these are all just material things. However, some of them are, though just material, witnessed great things with you. Would you just easily let them go or keep them for the sake of those great memories? That specific sunglasses witnessed great times in my life including the moment I fell in love with it while I was stubbornly tagging along my friends as we stroll this mall in Barcelona. Also, it looked good on me. Yeah, call me a girl! For all I care, I actually think I am suddenly becoming one. About time, huh? All smiles though, I think I'll just hunt for a new one. Thanks though to my best friend ever who gave me her sunglasses just before I left Philippines. She never told me she saw my unthinkably horrible Facebook status. I love her to bits. I don't know what I did to deserve such good friends even though I always fail to be sociably in contact with most of them. Anyways, I am also generally happy to see how my blog stats flow these days. I guess my friends are not the only one who is enjoying my company. Or perhaps they are messing with me by multiple clicking my links? Stop. I need readers hey! Love you all nevertheless!


R.I.P dear sunglasses. I am so sorry I have lost you. Farewell baby.... And I actually think I lost that shirt on the photo, too. Oh dammit.

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