Thursday, 14 March 2013

PHOTODIARY: The Louvre. Paris revisited.

Travel diary 2013

The Louvre. Paris, France. December 2013.

Flights aren't booked yet but I'll surely come back to see Paris this summer with my sister! I am so looking forward to it. I still haven't seen half of Louvre and I am willing to check the rest out when we visit later. I was so inspired after visiting it last year and sad at the same time because we were too tired and famished we had to leave after viewing the ever so famous Leonardo Da Vinci master piece, Mona Lisa-- the crowd we witnessed around her, un-effing-believable. Yes, a lot. Imagine Lady Gaga walking naked in the red carpet and then imagine the paparazzi's around her. That much. Versailles' also in my list to visit, we didn't had a chance at all to check it out while we were there due to some unfortunate circumstances.. Anyways, I'll only hope for a beautiful summer ahead of all of us! I'll most probably be working a lot but a little fun would do me good. Have a grand day y'all!



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    1. Thank you dear! Love yours in return. Of course, I checked your blog. Following you in return. Have a blast! E.

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