Sunday, 17 March 2013

LIFE: Juggling two jobs, braving the winter and the unwelcome visit of the common cold.

While cleaning our work kitchen, I made a new friend and draw her a face. She decided to kill herself by rolling off my shelf. I nearly cried.

This past few days has been very wearing. About a week ago I started work just shortly after my return and after a couple of weeks being back I've been so exhausted every night I came home. Juggling two jobs, braving the cold spring weather and not to mention the unexpected common cold which I happen to stumble upon kept me tired nearly everyday. This events weren't exactly I hoped before my return especially, for but for some reason, regarding the second; my ex-boss called me for some little extra hand all throughout spring due to the unexpected departure of her previous assistant. I have to be honest that I was somewhat delighted she called me. I mean, the job was pretty easy and she pays well despite the fact I was not educated as a Dentist's Assistant. What the hell do I know about Dentistry or whatsoever anyways, freakin' seriously. Still and all, she took me anyways for some questionable reason. The best part about this job is that it doesn't start too early (10.00a.m) and her finishing time is so flexible therefore I can always be on my next job on time. My job as Chef,  however,  can be the tough one due to the nature of it being too physically demanding. The job itself can be easy if you concentrate hard enough and be fast enough to get things done but that obviously requires a lot of running. Like, a lot. Anyways, I love that job so much it is so hard to complain! Their pay can run a bit on the low side but it is so true that if you love what you are doing, it doesn't matter if you get paid next to nothing. I can attest to that thought and though it can sound stupid, it is true.

At some point, I do miss my free time. I like my free time because that is the only time I can sit down, grab a pen and draw whatever my imagination can produce. I miss the moment when I brainstorm for new idea's and then put them on paper. I miss my paint brushes, the frustration I get from making mistakes and the failed attempt to recreate a technique I learned from Youtube. I like staying up late so I can finish one part of my art... but you know what is the saddest part in here? I am not getting paid for this time consuming hobby of mine while I get monthly paychecks on my second job to fund my travel addiction. A passion against the other passion, which one to choose? I don't know really. To be fair, none weigh more than the other which makes the decision far more harder. And again, I need the dough to pay my disgusting topped-up credit card bills. Damn banks tricked me on getting one! Why is credit card even invented? I see it to be rather similar to eating a delicious home-made, super effing moist triple layered, one hundred percent high-calorie (totally NOT non-fat) chocolate fudge cake with a tub of Ben and Jerry's rich vanilla ice cream-- the thought of eating it is so simple but the consequences includes hours in a treadmill. So unfair. Banks, they deceive you! But yeah, I shouldn't have used it. But what the hell, I used it because I needed it therefore my consequences are out of good things-- having an iPad is a good thing. Sure,  make yourself believe you made the right thing, idiot, you still need to pay 'em. All smiles then!

Regardless of this all I also simply need a life outside this box of mine and it will still take another month till I get my membership card back from my gym so I can start doing Yoga and shit like that. If I have time. Gah, life can be unfair but what can I do? Living in a country like Finland doesn't run cheap. I can't rant much about it though, this country gave me future. I owe her my tax life. Anyways, I decided too not to make this post too wordy, people tend to read less nowadays so I'll leave you guys with a nice photo above this texts. If ever you'll read these texts. Not? Fine. Enjoy your week ahead and don't forget to smile! I heard that people tend to smile back at you if you smile at them. I always smile like an idiot but they seem to think in here that all Asians smile a lot because we are so freaking Asian. Goodness, I smile because I like it not because I am Asian. You funny white people. Peace. Have a great week ahead otherwise! I'd be working my ass off.


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  1. Super post, I agree with what you said about having a life outside the box!! xx