Sunday, 24 March 2013


Travel diary 2013

A mosque in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. My fourth stop during my voyage, 2013.

Sunday, time check: 15.30 and I just almost woke up. One of the small perks of working in a fine dining kitchen besides the obvious workload is the undying evening and weekend shifts which sometimes feels like it will never end. When ordinary office people set off to work, I am perhaps just about to sleep and when they are on their way home I am on my way to work. We are the night people, those who make things happen when ordinary people are out and about to enjoy their night. Anyways,  it is Sunday and I am off and munching on a burnt store bought pizza; don't ask how I managed to burn it, I just did. Nevertheless sometime last week, as I recall, I was having sushi with a good friend of mine as she tell me how her summer's all planned out and how she's been saving up for a long haul travel and how she plans on making that happen from after summer to next year. I have to be honest, even after recently tasting a slice of the world I cannot hide that little hint of jealousy I have towards her ongoing plans. I am so sure she'll make everything happen and I am simply hoping the best for her, I'll force her to write about her adventures too so we all can share thoughts on how beautiful she sees the world. I hope I am with her on this trip but due to the obvious I really can't. A lot of things are well planned out ahead of me and being laid-back is the last thing I can do for now, it sucks big time but for now I really have to settle down for a while and get things done before its too late. They anyways say that there's no age for traveling so I am bought to believe that it will be never too late for me to see the rest of the marvels of this world. This pretty, wild world. I will indulge for now on smaller holidays put larger desires to rest for a short time while I save up and find myself clear in this little thing I called my life. Have a wonderful sunday and a great week ahead!



  1. The photo is wonderful x

  2. By the way, can you link your blog? Disqus can't process your profile and it redirects to my blog and makes it look like I commented on my own post XD

  3. Wonderful picture!!!! Happy Friday!