Sunday, 23 December 2012


So sorry for the long absence! I had butt loads of things to do these past few weeks at work and here at home. As you all probably must have read from my earlier posts that I would soon embark a three month long backpacking trip all the way from Europe to South East Asia. This trip was planned about three months ago and I still can't believe that this is happening! Yesterday was my last day at work and it was bittersweet indeed, I sure will miss my colleagues while I am away-- or not! We will anyways resume my contract once I return from my trip and I couldn't explain how lucky I am to be part of that team. My schedule in that restaurant can be so flexible it can fuel my desire to travel whenever I want without actually majorly damaging my bank account because I can keep my job as long as I do what I am suppose to do within the premises. My mom was utterly bewildered when I called to inform her about my three months no-pay holiday! To be honest, it is so true when they say that traveling doesn't necessarily to be expensive. You just need to find the right deals for you and be flexible about it. I am still so young in this addiction but I sure am learning slowly. I have been a victim of some outrageous flight fare where I could have gone cheaper, but slowly I am learning where I can find my deals and I am just grateful to some travel blogs who shared their own personal experiences in this matter. I can feel that this trip, though short, will be a wonderful life changing experience for the twenty-two year old me. I can't wait as well to bring you guys some wonderful posts about this trip! It is almost like you are with me :) I promise I would post as long as there is internet available! I would only bring my iPhone with me but I guess that would suffice. What iPhone can't do anyways? It pretty much have everything. Anyways, I am off to sleep soon because I have a rather hectic day tomorrow! Have a great week ahead of you all and Helsinki, see you soon.


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