Wednesday, 26 December 2012

TRAVEL: First stop-- Paris, France. The city of love and lights.

Bonjour! Had a great holiday? We did! We just arrived in France yesterday and so far, besides the blowing cold wind and slight sprinkles of rain, we are having a blast! We met our Couch Surfing host today and though with his busy schedule and the inattentive weather, he toured us a bit anyways. We still have about five days more to explore this lovely city and hoping for a weather change during our stay! All but hopes but whichever the result may be, we will try to enjoy it either ways!


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  1. Ohhh Evan, enjoy !! Sacré Coeur is the most beautiful church I know. I recommend visiting this place: as well as both galleries at the end of Jardin de Tuileries. Also, La Défense is worth seeing and of course VERSAILLES !! Food: try "flan au naturel" and "moules marinières". ;)