Saturday, 8 December 2012

ART: Work in progress, The Red Headed Bomb.


(Self-portrait, latest painting.)

It has been a very long time since I posted a self-portrait! Therefore, there you go though forgive the slight jolly surprised face. I already forgot how to properly smile in front of the camera. Anyways, the real purpose of this photo is to show my latest piece! I don't think I am ready to call her done and dusted but I bet I would still add small details before I sign it and call it a piece. I would take a better quality photo of her once done, I promise. At least before I leave the country for my epic trip! Yeah? Sure. Anyways, I wish you all a pleasant weekend and smile always.



  1. Gorgeous! You and your latest piece. Am excited for your upcoming trip :)

  2. I totally dig your style! I agree with Pinay Travel Junkie. You and your artwork are just WOW!