Tuesday, 20 November 2012

TRAVEL THOUGHTS, while on the road.

I have been hiding a huge secret from everyone at the moment though I have mentioned a few times over my last few posts that I would be traveling somewhere but never mentioned where. I will still remain silent about the destinations but some of you have guessed that I am going home and that's true. I will visit my home country for a short time before I venture my ways to another direction for the upcoming years. I have so much plans ahead of me I do not even know where to start! Well, first off, this trip is mainly to open up my eyes to this world and to see a part of it clearly and to enjoy its beauty and that also includes me indulging on its magnificent offers in life. By that I mean, to open up possibilities to make me realize what I really want in life. I will be traveling to six different countries in two and a half months and that includes my home country. In two and a half months I would not only be spending majority of my savings (hoping along the way that these trips are all worth it for its price) but also to learn different cultures, experience foreign behaviors, eat exotic local cuisine, check out the art scene and of course to simply enjoy the splendors of every city I will visit. This would be a gift to myself as well, a gift I always wanted to receive; the opportunity to show myself what I truly should look forward to and a good reason to survive and to live this crucial world. Traveling as they say is an eye opener and I'll surely let you know once this happened and if my choice of taking an unpaid leave from work to be away for a couple of months worthwhile or a waste. It is just two months, it is nothing but short whether it can be either life changing or not. As far as I have traveled, every trip I made taught me great lessons and stories about life which you can never learn from a book nor the internet.

On the streets of Barcelona I learned that on every corner, wherever you go, there would surprises. Sometimes great, sometimes not.


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