Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Fat Onion Patch, by evankristine

The Fat Onion Patch, 46x38, Acrylic on canvas original painting by evankristine

I finished this piece rather long time ago but did not consider posting it until recently. This is by far the largest work I have and the longest processing time I've painted (patience sure was the freaking key). I hope you guys like this one! I dedicated this painting to one of my best bud, Benson, who never failed to give me constructive criticism, support and honest opinions about my work. He isn't any professional artist but he certainly have the point of view usually concluded by most of the people about this kind of illustrations. He liked this piece and thought it is by far the best one I've done- with a little side note, of course. I only hope to get better at this and hoping one day to find my style as an artist! All great things happen people, we only need to work harder to achieve greater results! I consider this improvement as a great thing which put up a big smile on my face... Anyhow, as days went by loves, what are the things/memories/achievements which gave you that bright smile on your face? 

Also, have a great sunday you all! I doubt if today will be a cheat day. My whole week has been a cheat day so I guess today would be rehab sunday. I need to do some progress on my cleaning, such a bummer. But on the few things I believe in, do not let undone things be done tomorrow if those undone things can be done today! It has been my mantra so far.


The Fat Onion Patch title was by Benson (An honor I gave him). He have an increasingly crazy title naming skills. But, I sticked with it anyways, besides we are all madman inside. He called it the fat onion patch, by the way, not because the hair looks like an onion (Oh heck, of course it does.) but because I was chopping onion before I started painting the hair and jokingly mentioned it as my inspiration. Maybe it was, I don't know.


  1. That´s a nice piece! I love the colours. The skin colour looks just great here. Keep going. :)