Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Sorry for being M.I.A again for a while as I have been pretty busy catching up with the ways of life. I have handful of work lately and my routine is getting out of hand. I always think I don't do enough nor do anything and conclude my laziness which kept me very wary as of late. I have, in fact, noticed that my progress in painting has gone better since I started again a month ago and I couldn't be any happier by this lovely improvement. I thought of actually pursuing this little hobby of mine and actually paint a handful of pieces to actually present to you all. At the moment, I am updating my instagram more often than anything else so if you guys are interested on my work in progress, everyday random snap shots, food porn and stuff please follow me on instagram (@evankristineart) and I'd be glad to follow back! Anyways, back to topic! So, as of lately my routine has been consistent with no breaks (except this weekend when I slept the whole sunday out, it was a real bummer!) and I have been pretty glad with the results of this routine and I plan on continuing until before december when the restaurant starts to open its doors for christmas lunches. Anyhow, my routine is all about time management and absolute multi-tasking! Also, I have been mentioning this the whole day to my colleagues "Oh my god, it is nearly half way to December!" Yep, we are soon there. Where did the time went? Have you done anything special in your life? Anything changed? Mine didn't change much but I am waiting for december because of my trips. I will be backpacking. I just simply could not wait because I know this would be grand! I am still contemplating though if I should purchase a travel insurance for two months. A lot of thinking and planning to do! I hope you guys will be with me along the way in that adventure, I'd keep everyone posted. I promise! Before I finish this post, I would like to leave you guys one very inspirational quote which I try my best to live up every day:

"Do not put it off till tomorrow what you can do today" -Anonymous

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