Friday, 30 November 2012

INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHTS, What great things have you done lately?

Raw beef carpaccio with truffles, herbs and soy syrup-- Gustav Wasa, Vaasa, Finland

Have you ever asked yourself recently what wonderful thing's you have done this year? Maybe it is better to start thinking about it since in no time it will be a new year for all of us! Neither I can't believe I will be welcoming december tomorrow! I don't celebrate any holiday in particular except easter but in december a lot of thing will happen in a span of three weeks. It will all begin next week when we start to be hell busy at work from all the pre-christmas celebrations from various companies treating out their employees. It is sort of a must here in Finland to show your gratitude to your workers around this time, a custom. This busy time will last for three weeks and I bet by the time it is over I would be dead tired! Anyhow, on this month I will be a year older also and twenty two is the number and neither that is impossible to believe in. What wonderful things have I done in the past twenty one years? Not sure yet but I know that my plans for the future sounds great! Also, on christmas day I will fly away from Finland and begin my nearly three months adventure! Most of my plans are booked already (hence the credit card screaming, yikes.) and I couldn't be any more happier as another year is ending filled with great memories, new friends, new job and awesome things in general. I hope same things go well with the rest of you! Live, laugh and smile always. Great things happen to people who work so hard for what they earn and to those who turn dreams to reality. I dreamt of one day exploring this world and one day be able to paint cool stuff, I making it happen by diving my time and organizing them. A lot of hard work but now the hard work has almost paid off. Trust yourself and believe in yourself! When things don't go as planned or as you visualized, don't stop there and cry. You have to move forward all the time, learn from that mistake and move on. Make you plans, do great things from that mistake and move forward. I am learning everyday myself and to be honest my trial and error has given me heart aches, head aches, disappointments, emotional distress and stress but as far as I know I passed all that phase and just kept on moving on leaving those bad things behind. More bad things will surely come but all we have to do with that is basically deal with it and be strong. Things will eventually get better if you work on it hard enough to make it better.

Have a great weekend!


Appreciate mini accomplishments, its nice to that too. Like, having the sink empty by washing off all the dirty dishes.

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