Sunday, 28 October 2012

SUNDAY: cheat day. A fact.

Hello again! So, nearly exactly like last sunday I indulged in some of woman's dangerous sin; I indulged in chips, pizza, cheesy pasta, lazily lounged on the couch in my pajama all day long, dared not to fix my morning hair, did absolutely nothing close to being productive, pig out all day, watched a lot of sci-fi movies like a boss and nothing else. Well, okay, I totally did my weekly cleaning a bit (unavoidable, if you're a lady you'll understand.) and practiced my doodling a bit which brings us to this photo I am about to show you down below, a watercolor painting. Otherwise, thats about it, story of my day. And as the words are typed out, I officially declare every sunday as my holy, guiltfree & an absolute cheat day. By that I meant that I would meditate,  eat anything I want without feeling bad about it and I simply do the most unholy of all: lounge infront of the tv wasting my day doing nothing. Anyways, this is it folks! Have a great week ahead!



  1. Love the picture, so pretty! And if you want to eat those things, eat them!! It's ok :) I work out and eat them as well, as long as there is balance :) x

  2. we all deserve one of those days. I wish I had more of those.