Monday, 1 October 2012


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Hello boys and girls and other people alike and unique, it is October again just like before only in a different year. We are all a year older but what the heck, it is Oktoberfest and that's the best. Anyways, here are some few little updates I have for you folks and judging from the photo's, my world basically revolves at work and in art. I fortunately found rather plenty of time to revisit my old way of expressing my thoughts, feelings and emotions and it certainly found its way to keep me broke at some point as well... very few artists make money, right? It is a damn expensive hobby to you the truth. Otherwise, every finished piece are equally loved and hate and pathetically cried over by me due to my awful details on some of them but I am fine now and I am just moving over, practicing nearly everyday to perfection. Other than this my life is generally the same, I cycle to work and then I go to work and then I go home and then make art. Technically, that is how it usually go. On my day's off I either spend time at home cleaning, weekly hanging my carpets, procrastinating over cleaning and then drinking wine while either watching some television series or forcing myself to study Greek and Roman Mythology online through Coursera. It is free, too bad I don't have so much time. I also booked a few flights to some placesand I would hopefully be away from Finland for three months, I hope. I will temporarily flee the country from December and might be back either around February or in the middle of March. Hopefully I can visit different countries in those times including my birth place which is the magnificent Philippines.  Hopefully, it would be more spring time-ish already when I go back though I know that is the funniest joke I can tell in this post because March is still in the middle of winter. Anyways, wish me luck and hope for the best. 



  1. Gorgeous photos. I love Greek Mythology, not so Roman really, they just copied the Greeks, I prefer the originals :) x

  2. and i like the painting so much!

  3. Good luck. Love the painting.. it is haunting.