Tuesday, 16 October 2012

LIFE: Things I would never ever leave the house without, ever.

@evankristineart on instragram y'all!

(From top left) Moleskin week organizer, a pen, my ray ban aviator, my marimekko phone & card holder, debit card, iphone, bus card and the house key. And yes folks, no make up whatsoever. I don't do those anymore, I've been pulling off the natural look for ages now. The truth is, I have tons of makeup like any other girl, it is the time to put it on which I do not have. Shame but true. All these items fit in my (jacket's) pocket, I do not usually use bags unless I have tons to bring with me. Another update though, my music library has been damaged and by damaged I mean, seriously damaged. Not in a way you are probably thinking but it is damaged, however, in a way that I start to listen to songs my thirteen year old niece would listen. I wouldn't go all the way to Justin Beiber, but somewhere close. I nearly kill myself when I saw my spotify music history. I. Seriously. Died. Of. Embarrassment. Worst part is just about to come, they are all shamelessly published in facebook where all my friends can see. I thought I was cool enough already, until this came. Sad face.


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  1. Aw, the Biebs. And seriously, why does Spotify have to be connected to Facebook. I don't want people knowing what I'm listening to 24/7. Now they can all see when I'm upset and listen to the most depressing music ever, haha
    xo TJ