Thursday, 25 October 2012

LIFE: The day has gone shorter whilst the night has gone longer, still the day feels long till the next one.


Rome, Italy


London, England

I just simply could not wait till the end of this year, because before new year I'd be hitting the road again! I am so glad and feeling really blessed to get a chance in life to see some part of the world and enjoy every bits of its grandeur and beauty (and also share it virtually with you sweethearts). I simply would dedicate my 2013 on traveling because I deserve it, all I did since I learned to earn money is to save part of it and shop the rest of it but now that I've woken up from my materialistic nightmare I start to save more and seriously shop less so that I am able to fund my future trips. I will be on the road only for two months and in that two months I have one conquest; figure out what I truly want to do next with my life. Do I want to continue my work as a chef or do I want to have another profession and study a bachelors degree (don't ask me what). Big choices to make, too little time to figure out the path. I, in relevance, recently watched the movie "The Art Of Getting By" and it hit me especially in this occasion, my path finding thing, especially after hearing this quotation which is somehow relevant to my situation: "We live alone, we die alone, everything else is an illusion." and then followed by a question of "why do we work so hard for an illusion?" until the narrator concludes "I have other better things to do with my time." In a way it make sense because we all die in the end. Why do we put stress in our life for something which wont last long either? This is my un rational thinking but at some point the quotation do make sense. I have my other beliefs and I do not solely agree on this logic since this world is engineered in a way that it is like a cycle: we work, we get money, we live, we repeat. I am just mere sharing that in this world nothing is absolutely permanent because everything has its cycle, everything dies and then it grows. Anyways, I know I would be fine and at some point I'll suddenly realize what I really want and maybe time is all I need to solve my own illusion. I am young and free with no serious commitments in life with tons of choices ahead of myself, all I just have to do is to bring out the wise man in me and think things thoroughly and rationally. Besides, at 21, midlife crisis is absofreakinglutely out of the question. For real.

Good day y'all! Smile always.



  1. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
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  2. That movie is one of the most inspiring movies I've seen yet. And you're right, you're young and you have so much going for you!! So a mid-life crisis is out of the question haha. I can't wait to see where your life is gonna go!

    p.s. the header on your blog is killer.

  3. I do love this movie. it's awesome <3 I can watch it round and round and never stop <3

  4. Love this post! We only live once so go ahead and live your dreams.