Monday, 8 October 2012

FOODPORN: The sweetness behind my job.

@evaaankristine on instagram folks.

I am no sweet tooth but I enjoy making sweet things. And I love pretty plates, which I am learning bit by bit at work with a lot of help from my talented colleagues by the way! I sure can make pretty things out of a paint tube but I certainly cannot make pretty plates out of food. Two different way of art making. Anyways, on the side note and also speaking of sweet things and all, I have an extremely sweet thing myself to expect end of this year and made a little changes with my buddy and decided to take our summer backpacking plans a lot earlier and we are going to start before new year! We might still go and backpack during summer but the heck, this would be seriously fun. I hope that you guys would drop in when I start tell my little tales about the trip along the way, that'd be really lovely. Thats all, great day y'all!


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