Tuesday, 18 September 2012

WORDS: Pens, Scented Stationaries & the Interweb.

I officially have an absolute love and hate relationship with the internet. It is so easy, the internet, that we forget to keep the used to be not so simple... too simple.
For instance, communication-- communication before has been so slow a.k.a, the old school hand written mail's, landline phone calls and the not that old email. However, nowadays it has been so easy for us to communicate each other through internet, and facebook made all things impossible possible like for instance, searching for your long lost mothers cousin's uncle. Smartphone's are invented and opened a lot more greater opportunities to keep people in touch all the time, anywhere and everywhere! We should certainly be glad for all this opportunities we are experiencing in this super advance modern world. I wouldn't be surprised if I am still alive by the time they actually invented smartphones with built in hologram where you can virtually hug and kiss each other. Nonetheless, don't you miss the old stuff? The old times when you miss someone and it takes ages to contact them which makes you miss them more? I do. I was born in the 90's, and though I nearly lived all my life in all this luxurious gadgets which makes life so much easier, I still had the chance to experience email's and hand written letters. I wrote Daniel Radcliffe a written letter in a scented stationary for christ sake! He, or his team, sent me a reply fan letter which I still have in my treasure box by the way! The point is, I miss those days when I had to miss someone so effing much I had to write them an extremely long letter stating how much I miss them and how much I would love to keep in touch with them. Then we exchange home phone number and call each other's home when we get a chance. I even remember an ex beau of mine actually wrote me a love letter, it was just puppy love of course, and I still kept it till this day in that same treasure box. I mean, he most probably poured his teenage heart in that letter expressing his great teenage love towards the old underage me which I replied in the same expression with most probably lesser extravaganza than I can nowadays. I hoped it wasn't too embarrassing though and hoped he burned it or something similar. I hate receiving Facebook message from people who think they adore me. Write me an email or a letter, I might even respond. It is hard, at least for me, to write a good letter expressing what I feel and just to send that hard thought words through Facebook!? You've got to be kidding me. I know that to some people that is their only means of communication and seriously, no judgement. Some people have no choice but that but if some would really love to write a good letter, make it formal or write nothing at all. I bet a lot of kids nowadays do not know they could do that. You know, send a post and all. Communication is so easy and lets face it, it is wonderful to get a quick reply from someone you miss but it is so hard to know nowadays how people really feel because all they say is "I'm fine." with that obviously fake smile which is backed up with a great deal of bullockacĂ­es. No offense people, this is just a mere and random rant towards the things which I think matters and I just simply miss some people so much but refuses to send a Facebook message because I would love to send them a hand written letter and the only way to do that is well.. send them a Facebook message asking for their address-- which would be very weird by the way because not so many people does that anymore and that would just strike up questions of why's and I obviously have to answer that 'why?' questions and I most probably will end up asking how they are just to stir the conversation away from me asking for their home addresses... Or if they gave me their home address without asking why and a few days letter they would receive a weird ass letter from me proclaiming the fact how much I miss them and then they would, most probably, think to themselves "She could have Facebooked me instead." and will most probably reply to me through that social network thanking me for that sweet mail but rather reply through the internet because it is much easier. Oh dear heavens, I clearly have issues towards this. I just hope some could agree on this, anyone?


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