Friday, 24 August 2012


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Hi there, it has been awhile again since the last time I updated this little space. The imaginary load run out of ideas to publish and since work has taken over my life this past few days, it would be rather boring and rude to just speak about my professional working life. Besides, it is kinda personal. Otherwise, I have been pretty good and productive recently, which I am proud of by the way. I started painting and sketching again and I have a few works lined up. It is just merely canvases splattered with pain, really. But you will see pretty soon when I am done. Also, I splurged myself on reading again, training my brain on the english lit and began categorizing and organizing my reads from american classics all the way down to the english ones. I have translations lined up as well from famous spanish authors and few are just mere fun books such as the hunger games trilogy, which I surprisingly enjoyed despite its gruesome plots. I try to read light ones before bedtime and heavy ones along my morning coffee. I have been sleeping rather short since I started reading again but whenever I wake up, I see things brighter as my brain has been constantly been in training from my recent activities. It is boosting with imagination, words flow much quicker and smarter, it think faster and clearer and sometimes I catch myself responding sarcastically to different situations-- a sign of a healthy brain. Anyhow, among all these activities I have added to my usual routine, I plan to indulge on physical activities as well in the near future when I find the perfect timing to start. So far, I have been just rather active, jogging every now and then but it isn't enough to sustain my energy. However, when I get a chance, I surely will start and hopefully never stop.



  1. i have a stack of books at my bedside and i always read right before i go to sleep. it calms me down and helps me fall asleep. i caught a glimpse of the trailer for the "the perks of being a wallflower" movie with emma watson. of course the books always tend to be better. do you have any thoughts on the book?

    1. I haven't had the chance to read the perks of being a wallflower just yet. I have books to read before that. As I heard, it is a good book. I will later on judge by myself anyhow! :)

  2. The Finland cook book looks so awesome!