Saturday, 4 August 2012

JOURNAL: As summer goes, fall shall arrive. Hello August.

August 4th 2012

As I look out from my bedroom window, a tiny shiver went down to my bones as I watch the rain poured down from the sky,
'The heavens is crying and I will be doomed going to work.', I thought.
I cycle nearly eight kilometers to my job everyday hence the sucky public transportation in this part of Finland and the curse of having a driving license hunts me till this day for not taking it when I turned 18.
'I should have taken it before but I was busy then, as I am busy now.' In my head I reasoned out.
My soul was crushed as I looked out to see this gloomy weather and by the looks of it, summer has departed northern Europe once and for all. Or has fall arrived too early? Only god knows, literally. Regardless whichever reason I come up with, sun won't be showing up until the rain stop pouring and admits this grey and misty morning which greeted me this very morning I proceeded on my usual routine and said my farewells, good lucks and best wishes in the afternoon to my sister's family as they leave me home alone in this huge apartment, with plenty of mess to clean up, as they ventured their way to their second home in Abu Dhabi where her husband serves as an engineer in this big company who can afford to fly a family of four to that desert place. In life, sometimes you just need to be lucky with a lot of hard work. In that way, you can play fair and square with this thing called global crisis. It is hard to accept the fact that summer is soon at its end and rainy fall shall take over for this year, a long yearning for the warmth shall begin once the leaves turn nothing close to green. In my case, I will start a new job this fall and I couldn't be more excited as I would be entering the world of Fine Dining and a whole new upscaled experience on food making. I have loads of ideas to suggest and I will only be happy for every suggestion taken in consideration. Next week, in fact, I would begin my training and I am pretty nervous and sometimes in panic attack when I come to think of the things which can happen-- though it is absolutely great to know that I am ready at some point and that it is better to be scared than be overly confident. I hate failure and failure isn't me, I do not succeed most of the time but I always work hard for things to work for me. Wish me luck and hopefully I become the better chef I alway dream I would one day be!


I am looking forward to make this page as updated as possible. It is always so great to document life as it goes on and to go back to days from before.

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