Saturday, 21 July 2012

sometimes even rebellion itself sets off to hunt you.

In a persons lifetime, there is a moment where you find yourself in a momentary retard phase and do as what the rest does. Rebellion, an act of violence shown in action towards thy self or an open resistance towards others or just simply being mindlessly stupid is a short or long instant in a persons life where you challenge yourself up to an extent of destruction; where you amuse yourself on what people will say if you do something 'too cool for school' and absurdly showing the world that you are the toughest bloke on the block. It is plain stupid but people had to go there to realize where they are heading to. I am in this phase of rebellion towards myself, an infliction of continues nuisance and insanity towards humanity and this world's modernity.

No, not really. I am over exaggerating this event in my life to sound more dramatic and drastic, life is too cool for school at the moment even though I am not trying. Seriously, these photo's just turned up so cool. I do not even smoke! Yeah, I am such a loser, I know. I am bored to death and working on an evening shift every single freaking day do freak you out sometimes. However, I am currently pretty busy from all my activities and man I never felt well accomplished until now! Go me! I even wake up pretty early everyday despite my alarm clock and snoozing frustrations, I still wake up before afternoon which is  pretty much a late morning to most of you. I am just absolutely happy to catch breakfast whenever I can since it seldom happen.

And yes, I do not smoke but unless I am drinking a good glass of whiskey and a good cigar absolutely won't hurt much. Yeah, I am trying to be posh-- shamelessly. However, I am a brandy person and I drink my Jack with Coke. I am such a disaster, so I am heading off now. Ciao!


Excuse my bad humor. I just simply suck at it.

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