Friday, 13 July 2012


Minnestronne, originally uploaded by evankristine.
For July, we are having an extremely terrible weather outside. It has been constantly rainy and the wind blows like never before. I had a sudden night off from work and, bored to my core, decided to cook something hearty and healthy. Minnestrone it is dear friends, one of my favorite soup known to men. If done properly, it will brighten up your day despite the cold summer nights. I was also lucky enough to score some awesome riped tomatoes from the market, you usually do not get riped tomatoes in Finland but those imported ones appear to be far more better-- and cheaper! But do not resent me for not supporting local produce, I do at times and depending on the product, imported ones are just so much cheaper and sometimes better even. I am usually broke as well, so pardon me. Anyways lovers and people alike, my soup is getting cold and I am watching Sense and Sensibility on my PJ's and under a blanket. Have an awesomesauce weekend!


  1. never had this soup, looks great!! x

  2. LOve This Dear! i enjoyed seeing it, Thanks For Posting ! ♥


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