Monday, 2 July 2012

Going solo to this pretty wild world, baby.

This photo speak so loudly about my recent trip, relaxed, laidback & lots of alcohol though I usually do not drink but since I declared my Barcelona trip to be my lifetime's grandest holiday, I took the liberty of taking advantage of their cheaper beverages. Believe me, I wasn't the only one making another mortal sin. Anyways, pretty soon I would set myself out in this wild world again but this time on my own with a backpack for two nights in Tallinn, Estonia. I was there once for a day trip and thought it was beautiful. I booked a hostel which only cost me 20€ for that two nights and the travel expenses costs 48€, so this trip will be very budgeted for three days! I blasted nearly half a grand in Barcelona so my bank account surely is crying out loud but three days off from work sounds long and boring doing nothing so I would set out and try going solo for the very first time. I used CouchSurfing to find people to host me for two days but anyways decided to take advantage of cheap hostels and get a good chance to meet travelers whom I can speak to about their adventures. I found people from CS as well to tour me around the city so I hope everything works out fine and things go well for me, wish me luck!


  1. enjoying the simple things... i like it!