Saturday, 3 March 2012






As I entered the doors of Hakaniemi’s Market place (Kauppahalli) and the smell of imported spices from different corners of the world made me conclude the fact that I am in gourmet heaven. It was Monday and I came from my usual workout and the pig in me would love to eat some fatty pizza but for some reason, as I walked down Hakaniemenranta street, I was reminded about this one small restaurant, whose specialty happens to be one of my favorite soup of all time—Bouillabaisse. I was extremely happy that day, I swear. The restaurant is located inside the Marketplace and was recommended by a fellow chef back in summer to try out and oh boy was I glad for that thought! It was exactly 11:00a.m when I arrived at Hakaniemi’s SoppaKeittiö and I already know in mind, stomach and heart what to order. ‘One Bouillabaisse, please.’, I asked the waitress with a huge grin on my face and have I not mention, a hungry stomach. ‘Yes, thank you. Its €8,50 please.’ She kindly replied, and as I pay my bill I soon realized I am the first customer of the upcoming busy day and as I sat in a corner with an eagle’s view of the whole place I watched the chef, Mari—who loyally worked for the eight year old company for one year and two months—prepare my scrumptious meal of the day from its open kitchen. Just moments after I got my bowl full of awesomeness and aioli followed by a nice small bowl of herb infused oil to accompany my freshly baked bread, the place was packed! ‘Our busiest time of the day starts from 11.00a.m until 1.00p.m or it depends on what kind of day it is.’  Mari explained to me and I obviously could not believe my eyes as I saw people queuing and rushing to fill the restaurant’s twenty four seats. Although SoppaKeittiö do not take reservations due to its considerable few seats, they do take phone orders for soups to go. Order’s are prepared quick by the Chef and brought to you almost after you ordered them and as I observed from my corner, most of the customers eat and go and are usually out rather quicker than fifteen minutes. I, on the other hand, ate my Bouillabaisse so calmly since I am in no rush and I do want to carefully taste the soup for a better judgment and my conclusion? Excellente! It was exactly how I hoped it is, rich in taste. ‘I would say the secret of our Bouillabaisse is the white wine and the saffron.’ Mari told me as I interviewed her the next day although I am aware that it is also made with love and the freshest ingredients always adds a great dimension to any dish. ‘We get our fresh ingredients from here.’ She, as well, added. Fair enough I believe because the final judgment was a success, my fellow chef’s advice to come here was proven a great experience although I was a tad bit disappointed at something… ‘Our bread is baked by the company’s personal bakery’ Mari answered when I asked where they get their bread. ‘Unfortunately, you can’t buy it anywhere.’ She added and I was crushed! Their bread was good and it goes well with their soups, however, as I look to the brighter side this just gives me yet another reason to eat here as often as I can. Their soups, their bread and their calm nice service are just few of the reasons I can think of to highly recommend this place to everyone who never been here. Lastly, I also feel like I am the last person in Helsinki to ever taste their ever famous soups. And not to mention, for under €10,00 you got yourself a good deal friends.

SoppaKeittiö is located in Hakaniemi at Hakaniemen Kauppahalli at Hakaniemenranta 6 and can be contacted by phone, 09-3232070. The restaurant is open from 11.00a.m-05.00p.m during weekdays and 11.00a.m-14.30p.m on Saturday’s. SoppaKeittiö have another branch as well, in another marketplace, at Wanha Kauppahalli so for more contact information about SoppaKeittiö, please visit

Special thanks to SoppaKeittiö Hakaniemi brach's Chef, Mari, for giving me few minutes of her time for this article. I would surely come back in this place on a regular basis. In addition, I didn't get to take photo's much, no good reason just hunger. :D


  1. Wow! that place sounds amazing.. great place to eat!



  3. Yumm! Looks so good :) me want some.