Thursday, 23 February 2012

And look what a good company can bring to me...

The Kid (1921), Charlie Chaplin. 
I always wanted to involve myself in black and white and independent films but never had the sweat to actually do something about it-- until recently, when a new friend invited me to an event where we watched a documentary. Upon watching it, I suddenly reminisce that lust towards this specific industry and I began to ask myself questions out of curiosity 'Why I never pursued an interest in this before?' I guess I have been too keen on other things which unfortunately did not went farther either. So, since I am a noob on this, I decided to start from scratch and research things on my own. I tried to ask friends on facebook by publicly asking for suggestions and all I got was weird ass answers, which I came to think to those who attempted to 'suggest': Why the eff bother commenting?. The hell facebook can really be sometimes, *laughs*. Anyways, I found this webpage where I can start and I decided to watch the 'best idie films' according to this site one by one from early 1900's until recently. But I am going to watch The Kid (1921), by Charlie Chaplin to begin this marathon.

If anyone can suggest a good film to watch please do! It can be whatever from independent to which ever. As long as it is good! :)


  1. I got a blog award for you ;)

  2. good luck persuing your black and white film making :)i hope you will follow my blog :)


    1. Thanks for the comment but I am not pursuing a career in film making. I am just pursuing an interest on knowing more about films. :)