Wednesday, 18 January 2012

PHOTO DIARY: Capturing London.

















Hi! It has been a while since I last peeked on this little space I have. It has been gathering dusts, I know. Forgive me blog. I just came back from London a week ago and I was there for five days and I have been dead tired since then from all the massive walking and to add more to that, I also went straight to work the next day after I landed here in my home city. My visit is mostly just to get away from my stressful working environment and nothing more. I also went to see a friend who kindly lend me her bed for a few nights. My stay was really relaxing, nothing major yet I experienced different things. In my five days and four nights of escapade, I discovered that I can move along on my own and some things became more clear. My purpose in life became more vivid and I realised that to travel is just a small part of who I am but to see the world is the purpose of my existence. London didn't exactly inspire that idea but it is the fact that I am not in my cage which took me from where I used to stand. I realised that I want to see the world and share it to everyone. I do not want to live in just one space but to be in many. I want to be more than just a traveller. I want to be free and to finally live! A vagabond! A wanderer! Some may find this stupid but I don't give a shit. Pardon me, but I just want to be who I want to be. From now on, I would be saving up for every next trip I would have. Every time I get a week off, I would go somewhere. Every time I get a chance to be away, I'd take it. And if I finally have enough courage to leave my job and carry a backpack to go around places, I would. I am no fancy ass princess who cannot sleep in a cheap hostel. I will see the world and whoever reads my blog, would see that happen. I am certainly going to be everywhere. :)


All my photo's are in grayscale and the reason for that is the fact that I am lazy to bring my Canon 500D with me. I just used my good ol', handy dandy, double A battery point-and-shoot digital camera, so the colour quality ain't that good. I actually thought of selling the bigger one since I don't think I need a semi-professional camera when I travel. I hate being spotted as a tourist although I am.


  1. I love the grayscale effect! I reckon your shots will still be pretty even if you use an analog cam (retro rocks!). Anyhoo, I love the third photo with shirts. It kinda looks like nouveau street art.

  2. How I miss London!

    ★ Kaye

  3. oh goodness, always wanted to ride on one of those double decker buses in london. perfect!
    and i love that shot and how it is blurry!
    xo TJ

  4. im in love with london now:) your fotos are great!

  5. Wonderful photos!! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!


  6. OMG, these images make me miss London so bad! You should have told me you went there, I would of given you a list of places to check out. I feel you sister, being a vagabond and all... one of the many reasons I moved to the UK. You're lucky you live in Europe; cheap flights and abundant list of countries and cities to see. I hate how Australia is so isolated and it costs us our soul just to fly outta here :(