Wednesday, 9 November 2011

30 things I want to do before I am 30...

  1. Travel around Europe or even better, the world.
  2. Go camping.
  3. Learn to snowboard.
  4. Climb mountains.
  5. Ski with winter dogs.
  6. Have a picture with a reindeer.
  7. Go to Mexico.
  8. Eat real Mexican taco's.
  9. Have a real American Breakfast.
  10. Live like an American, Eat like an American even just for a day. I am highly intrigued towards their lifestyle and diet. Weird.
  11. Visit U.S, do not ask me why. It is just out of curiosity what is so 'great' about that country. Oh wait, my brother lives in Seattle. 
  12. Visit Japan just because I love their cuisine.
  13. Have an Igloo adventure and do not freeze to death.
  14. Go hiking. I am all for the thrill.
  15. Have another kind of profession.
  16. Show to those who bullied me that my luck is their karma. Because they killed me once when I was young.
  17. Be a stronger person because I need to.
  18. Be in love. Never been, not even once. I actually am in love to my sister's little rugrat, he's awesome. But that is a different love, it is family love. I want love.
  19. Be a volunteer because it is awesome to help. For real
  20. Be spiritual because it is part of life.
  21. Visit Africa because it is so beautiful.
  22. Have a picture with a Giraff. What? They're beautiful.
  23. Learn to scuba dive, I have fear of open sea. I can swim on deep pools though. Another--weird.
  24. Marry someone who deserves the same faith as me.
  25. Learn how to treat a man. I hate when every other woman always tell a man to treat them like a lady. Be fair to the other gender woman! I believe in this: They will treat you on how they think you deserve it or they will treat you out of guilt because you treat them how they should be treated. Last statement proven correct, I have a friend to testify the facts.
  26. Goal: Be flexible. So I can do Yoga and meditate in Vietnam or Mongolia. :D
  27. Inspire younger generations to live their life.
  28. Be more artistic.
  29. I would like to tell my future kids how Mommy lived her 20's. I am trying to get better experiences now since my childhood has been so awful (Yes, I am exagerrating.)
  30. Be awesome.

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