Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wonderful Life by Hurts

Hurts is one of the band which tune I adore.


  1. Hi dear,

    How inconsiderate of me, I just assumed that you're Finnish because you live in Helsinki ! Sorry ! I'll write in English from now on :D

    I love Hurts too. The gloomy music reminds me of Depeche Mode with a modern twist. The music video of Sunday is propably my fav.

    Kisses !


  2. I have always adored that song from Hurts! they have visited Estonia too but I wasn't able to go and that's so sad.
    btw, you have a lovely blog :)

  3. Love the song too!!:)
    The photos made ​​at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, where we live! It is a beautiful city and I recommend you come to visit! hahaha :)
    Now we follow you!:)
    Hope you return to our blog!:)

  4. hello! thank you for the comment on my blog! :D
    design of your blog is so simple.
    and i'm in love with minimalism.

    i also listened to you and put a new outfit post on my blog!

    hope you like it! *ˆ


    dino b.

    p.s. hurts <3

  5. i'm planning on buying a new camera so buying a tripod for this one is not such a good idea (at least not for my budget! :P).

    love the food on your blog. will try to make some of them! :DD