Wednesday, 5 October 2011

PHOTO DIARY: Old Town. Tallinn, Estonia.







(Photo's by me, flickr.)

We spent one long weekend during the summer at Tallinn, Estonia. At first, I was hesitant to come due to my non-stop overworking and hyperactiveness at work left me with no energy when I finally had a little time off from my usual routines. However, since boosts and other stuffs are actually much more cheaper in Estonia than it is here up north, I eventually came hence the little motivation I have to do anything until I saw how beautiful Estonia is. It is very old and unusual since Estonia used to be under Soviet Union for quite a long time, the country itself is so diverse and truly a mix of different cultures. What I have been told, Estonian hospitality is great and I have experienced it myself. Although I am aware that we are in a tourist spot, I was still caught in awe when I heard the waiting staff talk in Finnish, Swedish, German and Estonian to their customers according to the client's country of origin. Estonians, like the Swede's, are practically fashionable people as well and I seriously enoyed every bit of experience I had from that country. I had a fun and relaxing time.

Anyhow, I am going to take the subject to a different direction towards food and cusine culture; Estonian cusine is pretty much influenced by Russia and its neighboring countries. I assume that they also added some twists to it and made it their own-- like how the Philippines adapted the Spanish influence and made it our taste. I am not exactly sure if I actually ate the 'real' Estonian delicacy... I presume I did not so I am in no ground to judge what I ate. Nevertheless, I read that Estonian delicacy is astounding! So, it seems like there should be a second visit to that country. I'd be more than glad to share a full culinary experience regaring this country rich with culture and such. Someone might want their grandma to cook for me to experience a full blasted, real Estonian cusine! No one can beat Granny's at cooking, they cook the best! Have a great day! E.


  1. These are your photos??
    You are really talented!!

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  3. Amazing photos.
    I have never been to Estonia, but I would like to see the country.

    I like your blog.

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  6. Superb photos..I want to go there now!! Hope you have a fab week!! xx

  7. i like those, especially #4 with the girl...

  8. Great photos Evan! by the way, I will be posting Vietnam photo diary soon.. just sorting out photos at the moment, visit my blog soon :)

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  9. i've never been there! it seems a really interesting place..
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  10. Love your shots!!! It makes me want to come inside of those frames. Hee hee.

  11. This pictures are amazing, I love them all :)
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  12. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog! :) These pictures are really good. I'm from Tallin btw. :D

  13. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a lovely comment :) Your own photos are so cool, great blog!

    You're from Santa Land; are you Finnish aswell ? :)

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