Sunday, 2 October 2011

Joining the networking world!

In the beginning, I totally refused to use some certain networking and micro-blogging sites such as twitter. I recently deactivated my tumblr leaving my fair number of followers with no reasons. With that, I thought that I'd be able to pay more attention on this blog and hopefully, at some point, would gather pictures and well-written short stories to share with the public. I still have my dream to do something else other than just cooking. Anyhow, I'm going straight to the point before I start to rant about other stuffs: I have twitter now so if you have one, follow me.

Some person with the same name as me (annoying), got the username I want. I always thought that I am the only girl who have the name Evan Kristine, I am indeed wrong on that thought. Damn.
Anyways, I've been dreaming of Iceland this past few days thinking maybe I should visit there sometime next year. It also reminds me to apply a tourist visa to UK, I would looove to visit my friends during winter break. I still do not have a descent flat to invite them over here in HLK.

Respectively speaking, the season has hit its turn and the brush of air onto my face starts to be breezier day by day reminding everyone to start drinking their vitamins and vitamin-c to boost up that immune system of theirs to keep the influenza's away. Same rule apply to me, and mind you, after all the almost 200 hours/3 weeks, 4 months of summer, 3-5 hours of sleep everyday not only gave me a lesson not to work TOO MUCH but also gave me a proof that I am a super human... At its very least form. Well, I am strong like what my co-worker mentioned once "She's tiny but she's strong". Man, imagine a 5'5", 50kg, 20 year old young woman carrying a 20kg sack of flour on her shoulders and come back to me if you do not think she is goddamn strong! My job is tough, seriously people, to be a chef is not all about that fancy plates, fancy cooking and fancy french terms-- that part, is most probably just two parts out of ten and the rest goes to the real stuffs: Skinning, boning and fileting  a whole fish & portions of meat, counting weights, weight loss and that sort of stuffs, stock rotating, cutting your fingers, making everything from scratch, working in pain sometimes, carrying heavy stuffs, and all the heavy multitasking you have to do while in service. You also have to take care the service area so that the floor staff don't mess up their orders and to make sure that you have constant communication with them or you're doomed when big groups of people barge in ordering everything from the menu. You probably wouldn't want to hear how we get to serve everything perfectly all at the same time because I don't know which right words to use to describe how the system goes, but what I know is that it is all about the right timing and good co-worker communication. And oh, with all that, you have to make the customer's happy. And you smart ass people think restaurant jobs are for idiots! Damn you, we contribute to the society by giving diners the taste of real good food. True, to study culinary arts is for idiots.. that is because they do not know what kind of work they are about to face in the future, but then again, a lot of us stay in the business despite the not-so-good-pay because this part of the business is fun and exciting. And that is also the reason why I am here. And that is the reason why I am going to stay. I love it! Ta ta people, E.

I taught my two year old nephew how to do the bro fist while saying 'Yo! mah man!' super cute.

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  1. Welcome to the twitter world Evan, I followed you! I love reading your stories here :)

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