Sunday, 10 July 2011

Will you join me?



(photo's by me, flickr)

Will you join me? I am planning a trip that can change the course of my life, or the life of the people who surrounds me. I have to be honest, I haven't been in contact with most of the people I know because I partially think that I am a huge failure. I have been angry to myself and that is just about to change. I will be patient on things that goes my way and things will be seen differently from now on. I will no longer think negatively on things and I will just concentrate on living and fulfilling the life I deserve to have, as a hard working person I truly deserve to be happy. All my life I've been dissed and bullied because of my incapabilities and I've been called a fake and wannabe quite a lot of times from people I consider as my friends. I grew up around people who pretended to be my friends but ended up hurting my feelings, I still have the anger but it is time to let go and move on to a new beginning. I'm different now and I will no longer allow myself to pretend to be something I really am not and I will no longer do things just to please others nor impress them. From now on, things will change and for once, I will think of myself. Read this: I am going to change the direction of my life. I believe that the people who ruined my confidence few years ago, at some chances, seen that I've changed and I am no longer the person they used to laugh at. From this person they see now, I will evolve and change to a much better person and I am changing not for them but for myself and for the future I am giving my best to achieve. I am going to travel the wilderness of the world to seek my real motive to live life and to find the place where I really belong and to find friends who would see me as their friend. I want things to go swimmingly.... I want the world to see me and I want to see the world as I want it to be, a diverse universe made out with rocky particles but built with hands of a great artist. An artist who can make ugly things beautiful but still defies the person who sees it.

I hope I make sense in my posts and perhaps you deserve a massive apology from me since I am quite lazy to correct spellings and grammars. I'm normally writing my posts at midnight since words actually flow gracefully from my head to my finger tips when it is nearing tomorrow. I am apologizing for bad spelling and grammar on my posts, I truly am. But I hope you would understand. I just don't have the energy to re-read and correct and re-read and correct again. I just want it real with no fancy inclinations. With no further rants, I am bidding you a great night and a fancy dream.


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