Monday, 11 July 2011

do not hesitate to cross a crossroad.


My room doesn't look like this all the time. I'm normally clean and organize, I've just been so busy.


We named him Mr. Potatoe Head and he was meant to make all the service area staff smile.

I have to confess, yet again, I need to wake up five hours from now for work and I have a split shift. Split shift means you work in the morning, have a couple hours break in between and have an evening shift. It is going to be quite a day I believe. Anyhow, I can't resist myself from walking around the city and enjoy the warm wind blushing about my face blowing the little strands of hair away from my face and giving me a better view towards my destination. I got curious what's on the other side of the street where I live since I really never had a chance to roam around the area I live in because I just recently moved in. This place is quite a beauty despite the tall old buildings which gives this place that hipster feeling. Surrounding the area composes of small boutiques ranging from fashion to furnitures. It is very interesting and I think if I get a free time I would roam around deeper in the city. I'm happy I went and discover that I live in such a beautiful area inside a busy city. I took a video but I could not figure how to transfer it to my computer, I guess I'm getting old from all this techny stuffs. However, I took photo's which I managed to upload to flickr using my phone's internet. It's nothing interesting unless you know Anthony Bourdain, I'm reading his book called 'Kitchen Confidential' and I am hooked! His straightforward way of writing carried me on and I almost missed my tram to work this afternoon. He talks about his experiences throughout his career and how food making affected his life. He talked also about the truth on how restaurant works and that it is defo not all about being fancy and all. He used quite a lot of French terms though which made me a little annoyed since my kitchen French isn't that good either. Anyhow, I'm going to finish the book soon and would talk more about it.

Nevertheless, my day so far has been pretty good. It is so busy at work today I didn't even had the time to pee. I worked in the service area today and all I did was run and serve drinks as much as I can to alcohol thirsty customers. We had a group of Americans today and man, they never failed to amuse me. They called me lovely the whole day since I've been delightfully honest to them about our menu and which one they should really order. I've offered them as well and Shiraz-malbec red wine to go along their main courses which are Pelmeni with onion compote, russian pickled cucumber and softly whipped smetana with harissa, they ordered as well the country's traditional meat balls with brown sauce and lingon berry jam-- yuck. I am not a big fan of this country's cuisine as I've told the Americans however, I recommended them anyways the meat balls since the restaurant I'm working is very popular for that dish. They absolutely loved all the dishes! I barely can believe it, they even gave good tips and promised for their return! Most especially, they praised the wine I served them. I told them that among the reds in our list, Shiraz-malbec is my favorite but that is just because I am not a big fan of full-bodied red wines. Anyways, I had not so great customers today as well but the day went well after all. I'm off to sleep soon and I hope tomorrow would be just as great, despite the long day. And by the way, the photo's are in super bad quality, I took it using my phone. All my cams are out of batt.


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