Sunday, 29 May 2011

PHOTO DIARY (Part 2): Rome, Italy. The Ancient City.

(Photo unedited.)

(The Last Judgement. Micheal Angelo.)


(The Pantheon.)











(Photo's: flickr.)

Dear readers, forgive me for my photo's "point-and-shoot-and-walk-away-I-don't-care" style. I was, unfortunately, attacked with my occational stubborness. It was so hot & the sun was too bright shining & not even my sunglasses is helping. There were too much people that I got easily irritated, plus I'm hungry pretty much all the time. Although the charm of the city sweeped me off my feet, the weather melted me down on the street. Considering the fact I came from the South East of Asia, this weather didcompliment me at all. However, despite my utter stubborness on the wrong spot & on the wrong time & at the wrong place, the whole moment was such an experience to be remembered. & by the way, things won't be the same if I didn't travel with the most patient person in the world who endured my still teenager like moodswings. Thank you Rini for the great time!

I did not get a chance to take good pictures of the wonderful dishes we ate during the whole trip since taking a picture of it is the last thing would come to my mind. The food is gone even before you know it has been served. All I can share is that Italian Cuisine is simply magnificent! The ingredients were so fresh you could even tell how heaven should taste like. Not even a single dish I ate disappointed me. It was that good. I also got a handful of herbs which made me really happy until I mixed the wrong herb last night for my pasta.... I though it was the crush dried tomatoes on my pan... It was this dried & strong Italian chili. Not even milk could help neutralizing my painfuly chili burned tounge & throat! I had a great time & I surely am uploading more photo's since I have tons, I just need to fnd the better ones. The ones with extra effort on taking them... If there are some.


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