Monday, 30 May 2011

NOTES: Back to Reality.


(Photo's: flickr.)

After all the Gelato's, real Italian Pasta, Pizza, Italian pastries, Midnight street strolling, the liqeur shop where we got countless of different liqeur shots for 'tasting', getting lost, Italian traffic.... wait, what traffic? Ok, never mind, the thing is: I'm back. Despite the great fun we had in Rome, reaxing & just taking it easy, I am back in what they call "Reality". Too well said as it may sound but just after a day & almost 12 hours of deep sleep recovering from the five day's of hard core walking under the heat,  my fingers-- as of typing this post-- smells like reality, garlic I mean. 

Yes, fun is over and its time to go back to work & earn back the money which I spent. The thing is, although I was too slow today at work, I love my job which makes money earning alot more easier. My career of choice does not earn much as a profession, but it earns enough for me to buy necessary things, pay important bills & save little by little. Besides, I do not live a fabulous life nor give a damn about it. As you can see from my photo's, they are touched with simplicity but coloured with contentment. I adore pretty things too & I think it just comes along with my personality as an art appreciator & on occation, I am the artist as well. But since I'm born a cheapo, I find my ways to make pretty things from cheap things. Or at least I try to. However, I do not really love stressing out since my job is stressful enough by nature. I try to keep my lifestyle as simple as possible. I am just being my self from the beginning.


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