Wednesday, 2 February 2011

PHOTO DIARY: Stockholm, Sweden. The Old Town.

I just suddenly missed looking at beautiful buildings and structures and I remembered my Stockholm trip a couple of years ago. I went there with my family by a cruise ship for the day and I was just filled with pure astonishment the moment I stepped out of the boat. The colourful buildings greeted me with a beautiful hello on a sunny autumn day. As walked by the old street of the city, I can't stop imagining how it would feel living and seeing this beautiful view every single day! It must be nice to be a local in that part of the city. We ate in one nice 'Italian' restaurant and believe it or not, I tasted my first ever real-fake tiramisu in there. It is quite ironic hence the fact I have been working in an Italian restaurant now. However, I would like you people to enjoy my few snap shots from the old town of Stockholm and please visit the place one day if you get the chance! I would love to go there once again if I get the time... & take much better photos. :) and please visit my flickr!








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