Wednesday, 25 March 2015

PHOTO DIARY: Siem Reap, Cambodia.



It is breathtaking, I know.



Fun fact: Tomb Raider was filmed here, but I guess everyone knows that.




A young monk paving his way at Angkor Wat.



Siem Reap, Cambodia. Circa 2013. 

Here are some photo's I took while I was in Siem Reap, Cambodia about two years ago. It is a shame that I didn't record my experiences while I was there, the memories aren't so fresh anymore. A mistake to learn from therefore from now own, I will for surely take notes of anything and everything that interests me for future reminders. Otherwise, the trip was amazing itself (as I remember well). 
We arrived at Siem Reap via Thai border on a rather easy six hours journey by land, despite one girl puking besides me, the journey was otherwise rather smooth. As I remember, it was quite hot when I was there (around February) and I was still recovering from food poisoning in Bangkok, I am still surprised I lasted the whole trip to be honest!

The view obviously was breathtaking and I was astonished to see the very famous sunrise at Angkor Wat. But what truly got my attention was the locals, they are hard working people and perhaps some of them are quite persuasive on selling their products to tourists– but seriously, someone gotta make a living, right? Other than all that, I've noticed that some of them have so beautiful eyes. Unfortunately I do not have any records of that, but I can clearly remember this one lady who sold me one book and she was very talkative and full of energy, she had this really beautiful greenish brown eyes. 
She told me that she learned how to speak English by talking to tourists and that she has never been in school. It is sad and great at the same time. The experience people have to go through sure does teaches us a thing or two. So let us count our blessings. 

Oh and of course, our Tuk Tuk driver, he is unforgettable! He drove us everywhere we want and as well arranged our ride back to the border! Until now I still don't think he over charged us, we were charged fairly and for his services I even think we could have given him more. Well, we gave him all our change and extra dollars since we don't need them anymore after the trip. It wasn't much… but what is much, anyways? To some people little is a lot. 

What made this trip even better was that I was with my friends, an amazing trip with amazing company? That is an adventure. I love it.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

LIFE: Changes

(A beautiful view of the Helsinki Cathedral at Senaatintori. Helsinki, Finland)

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To start with, I have to say that there would be a lot of things that will happen this year which I truly hope will go as I imagine it will be. When I first moved out of home, let alone my home country, things has changed drastically. Sure, I was young when I left and was so enthusiastic for changes that actually came as an advantage than anything else. Moving to Finland was my first great journey and so far it is going very well, I love it here and it is home. Finland is so close to my heart that it became a part of me and I became a part of it. What usually happens to a situation when two things become one? It is hard to separate it. And that is what I feel right now. In few months I am going to join my beau, to what will hopefully be, an amazing journey. I am not afraid to say a temporary farewell to this dear country because I can surely promise my return but, will she accept me once my return comes to say hello again? I don't know. I know there are tons of possibilities for me out there and I just need to be brave to find it and conquer it. I really do not know when I started to be such a pussy for new adventures. I know I love thrills and heart stopping events and such shenanigans. I was cool (seriously). I suppose that's what being comfortable does to you. You become afraid to changes. So, as a conclusion to solve this certain event to become uncertain, I call for a drastic out-of-my-mind changes: I am moving to a new country, so different from here that perhaps for the first time in my life I'd feel so culture shock I'd be so effing excited I'll probably find directions to wrong locations where I will have a blast and have the best time of my life! Well, so far that is the plan. Get lost in this pretty, wild world of ours. So, let the journey begins and hope it will never end! Life is short as I always say, so why not try a drug or two.

Well, I was not being literal about the drug (but who cares?). Anyways, I am planning to do a little bit of short visits here and there before settling down to yet another foreign land, unknown to my own peculiar sight. That is why I am busting my ass off at work to save enough money so I could actually afford that! I feel so ground zero again. I haven't been out of the country (except the frequent visit to Tallinn) properly for two years. Last time I was backpacking Europe and SEA for just three months. What do I know, right? I feel a bit envious about being out there in the wild but at the same time I feel so excited for all the new thrills and joy I'll experience. Of course I don't expect all of it to be rainbows and unicorns, but it doesn't hurt to be positive about it. I feel so full of life at the moment, the idea of travelling again gives meaning to my living because this means I'll spend less time figuring out what I should do and having more time doing what I should have been doing. Fantastic! I love this positive thought! Oh by the way, the beau's name is Silver, he's amazing. He'll be with me in this journey so you guys will read a lot about him along the way.

Our first stop on this amazing journey, Malta. This one is more on for pleasure than anything else but this year (and all years after this) is dedicated to adventures, self-realisation and new experiences.

Peace out! I still have to deal with all the shit that comes with 'moving' on the next few months. Besides, who needs all this crap when all you need is a backpack, a sketch pad and a portable watercolour set? I am in a little fantasy here as well to draw and paint awesome ideas. Why not?


Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Hello Internet and the blog, it has been too long. One year? More? Okay. I apologize, forgive me. To be really honest, I am not exactly been busy, just really lazy and have nothing to say. Besides, last year was not much of a journey to begin with (for real) and it is really effing ridiculous to write about boring stuff. See? You're probably yawning already. It has been really a year mostly spent at work and drinking alcohol and doing stupid things like getting drunk, sleep deprivation and working with a hangover (possibly still drunk) the next morning while expecting a restaurant full of paying customers. I've been bad. Naughty even. Whoopsies.

Maybe one day I decide to bore you to death and write my story about last year's shenanigans. Perhaps. But, I have a little glitch that this year, I will have better stories to tell since it started with a sweet harmony which I wish to blossom into an awesome chorus and ends with a beautiful symphony. Just like two years ago, I think this is my year of great tales. To start, I am taking a break from fine dining restaurants and instead concentrate my time on more creativity like my painting and as well reading and writing. At the moment I've been quite keen on pastries and home baking, it is my thing at the moment. I am not exactly saying farewell from the butt-busting world of fine cooking-- that sometimes comes with heavy drinking and evil habits, which I enjoyed at some point. Instead, I decided to widen my views on other areas. I thought for a moment that I was living the life and that working ten or more hours a day busting my ass in the kitchen would make me a some sort of a martyr hero but things has changed however and my priorities were altered, I decided that life is more than just training endless hours to be the next Heston Blumenthal (which I am so sure I wont be anyway). I am no badass as I come to realisation, I could be different and same at the same time. I've learnt a lot of lessons working in the kitchen, I learnt to be tough and not to let people push me down… But I also picked up few things that maybe I should start getting rid of. Anyway, things changed and I am willing to continue this for a bit longer. I am fine now, I feel great and I do think that things are working out for me. 

I wish to write in this blog more, I want to write about my journey and tell more tales about the world. I intend to make things better and talk about things that matter. 

Wish me the best. Hopefully I can deliver amazing stories in the future!

I am not an alcoholic. Just a person who enjoys a good drink with the best company ;)

Seriously, I don't do evil stuff. I am so adorbs.

Monday, 17 February 2014


A little too late to write about the holidays but what the heck, I'll write about it anyway! You see, I do believe in the saying 'better late than never', which I sometimes live up to. Or so I believe. Anyway, I spent my christmas holiday in Tallinn. I met his family and his friends, and so on. It was really a wonderful time despite the fact I refused to celebrate religious holidays like christmas because I thought it is unnecessary… Pessimist much? No. I refused to celebrate it because I have other better things to do during that spare time, for instance to travel. A lot of money is usually involved in holidays like that and money is absolutely something I just don't spend on gifts therefore people can just shove it on one corner and forget about it. I am truly not a gift giver. I rather pay for your dinner, at least I know you enjoy it. But this is me, you are you and we are totally different. I blame no one. 

Back on the holidays, I spent it with his family like what I aforementioned and at the same time we also spent quite a time hanging around this beautiful town pigging out on pretty much anything we can afford. I love spending money whenever I am in Tallinn because it is cheap and usually good. We planned at one point to indulge and eat something amazing which would blow your mind, at one fine dining restaurant located in the heart of old town in Tallinn. Very cozy, very calm, very romantic… Yes, there's a but. But, we were so damn hangover that we settled for something even more amazing (especially if you're having a good hangover), grease food! I seriously won't go and eat a platter (or two) of that beer food without a good hangover unless you're a total grease lover! It was a monster plate for four consisting of many different deep fried food you can ever imagine. It was heavenly at that time, truly. I was a pig craving for food at that time. I felt disgusting but didn't care because I was so hangover all I can thing of is fried food. All fried food…. and a good pint of beer. Problem solved, both are happy. Tummies are jolly happy. Damn good day I must say. Well, hence the hangover. 

So yeah, our holiday was pretty much something I won't tell a Vegan about unless I want them to hate me for life. It was a total fat ass moment but I regret nothing! It was fun and I enjoyed and I must say, christmas ain't bad after all. I still don't see myself exclusively celebrating christmas but since I only refuse it because of its religious meanings, I do see myself coming back to that time last year for the food. Also, Estonians are without religion; I know they only celebrate christmas out of fun and family gathering, which sounds a lot better than fooling myself believing it is a mighty day.

New year's wasn't bad either, we went to my friend's place and indulge on more food, drank alcohol, saw the fireworks and sealed the year with happy endings. No hangover the next day, good start of the year I suppose! All I am just asking for this year is nothing but good health and great moment. I am not going to plan so much goals to achieve this year, and this 2014 I will stay in low-profile. Taking it easy and no stress at all. Laidback so they say. That is the plan so far and I suppose it is going quite alright! 

Before I end this post, here's the photo of the grease food I mentioned above.

I told ya, everything went to the deep fryer. Exactly like how we wanted.

Great day y'all!

Friday, 14 February 2014


Alright, I have to admit I have not been the most productive lately. I have no excuse for it either other than I have been truly lazy and there's absolutely no great moment happening in my life lately. Other than all of these, I had a major transition in my life which happened late October of last year. I'll brief you not in details since it really did happen super fast and neither I can remember its full details. 

So, lets go back to July of last year when I asked for a lovely weekend off with my girlfriends to visit Tallinn, Estonia for the nth time. I was working in a lovely summer restaurant in Vaasa, a very beautiful old villa by the sea. I have no other things to say but greatness towards this workplace, it is as well run by the same company I was working for, Gustav Wasa; a fine dining place located at the heart of Vaasa, my ultimate dream job. Yes, I was working for these places. I was doing the job I always dreamt of. Fine dining place, great people to work with, its a family. The whole place is a family. But as they say, even in greatness you'll find a moment when you feel so defeated. During that time I have loads of things running in my head, future plannings and other activities to be done. By the looks of what I used to have, I did had everything under control and I truly had everything I needed. I was happy but not contented. I wanted something but I don't know what it is. There is where it all started. I started to question my needs and my wants and there is when I decided to alter my plans and decided to leave. It all started in Tallinn, the change of heart. There is when I realised, I am not ready to settle in one place.  To be fair, it was not a very easy change but since I am so used to having a 'change' it didn't took me a long time to properly hang on to it. Why so sudden? Impulsiveness is something I never tried and it felt like it was the right time to finally do it. I was full of regret in the beginning but the heck, I shoved it off and decided to enjoy what I have in front of me. There's no time for regret, I am so young that I will just waste my time beating myself up over something which is already done. In every turn, there's always something to learn.

Ok, in conclusion, what was the major transition? I moved back to Helsinki. I am back here, in this city. But a lot of things has changed now and by a lot I meant, a lot. I am not going to bore you with the details but I can promise one thing though, I think I will start updating this blog more often. I really do miss writing and expressing my feelings through words. And you must be wondering what I am up to now? Well nothing much; painting, learning and living life as usual. The usual. :)

Have fun y'all! Have a great weekend ahead of you.